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A long time ago, I was a beginning 4D developer from Alaska. I used to dream about going to the annual 4D developer's convention, but could never make such a long journey. I vowed that if I ever could go, I would somehow share it with others. Then, in 1994, I attended my first DEVCON in San Jose. Each year afterward (with a few exceptions), I put together notes and pictures. These web pages are my personal attempt at recording some of the content of the convention for developers who could not attend. Now they serve as a historical record of sorts. I welcome comments and criticism; e-mail me if you like: bag@4dprogrammer.com.

4D Summit 2003 - Santa Fé, New Mexico

Happily, this year my employment requires me to attend! Huzzah! And, I'm attempting to use a new technology: a web log. We'll see how it works together!

4D Summit 2002 - Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Sigh. My employment at the time didn't allow me to attend. I'm not bitter, there was a reason; I just wish I could have gone.

4D Summit 2001 - Orlando, Florida

This was a bit of a hodge-podge, with as much coverage as I could sleep-deprive myself to give despite a dial-up connection.

4D Summit 2000 - San Diego, California

What a fun Summit! There was much to see during the Summit, before, and after.

4D Summit 1999 - Chicago, Illinois

Ah, what dark days these were for my Summit coverage. Although I attended, I provided no notes or pictures. Call it a solemn reflection of the times, as I had just finished my wild ride in the dot-com startup world. Woo hoo.

4D Summit 1998 - Denver, Colorado

In 1998, Steven Willis and I collaborated to cover the Summit. Here is the link to that coverage:
http://www.4dzine.com/summit98.shtml The link above points to my pictures, without captions. Sometimes they are even more funny that way!

4D Summit 1997 - Denver, Colorado

Many will agree that this Summit was the most legendary -- there was a great big snowstorm, which made for strange bedfellows and even stranger stories to tell both during and afterward.

4D DEVCON 1996 - San Jose, California

The last of the great splashy DEVCONs held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Look for the cameo appearance by John Travolta!

4D DEVCON 1995 - San Jose, California

Sadly, although this effort was my first, somehow the pictures have become corrupted. I include the original text and the corrupted pictures so that the times may be remembered.